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Daffodil International University has been designed in every aspect of American model. The undergraduate degree is for four years duration. Students take courses each semester and these courses have credits assigned to them and credits are counted towards the degree. Students are being graduated once they have the requisite number of credits & minimum grade point. Initially the university offers the bachelor's and master's degree. The master's programs are of two years duration. The university may also offer special courses tailored for people in the work force, e.g., diploma courses. Diploma holders with excellent grade point will have the option for higher studies in the proposed university. An academic year in the university is divided into three semesters - fall, summer and spring.


The campus of the university is at 102 Shukrabad, Dhaka. This is a six-storied building with all modern facilities. This campus houses the Faculty of Science & Information Technology. Administrative office of the university is also located in this campus. Campus II is on the main road of Kalabagan (64/3 Lake Circus, Kaalabagan) and it is especially for IT education. Campus III is at House 7, Road 14, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka and campus IV at Prince Plaza, Sobhanbag. Campus IV is entirely utilized for the Faculty of Business & Economics and the Faculty of Humanities & Social Science. The main acdemic building will be transferred to Bashundhara, Baridhara where DIU will construct its own academic building.

Campus Location

The location of the campus of the university is on Mirpur Road and opposite to Dhanmondi and adjacent to the crossing of Panthopath and Road 32 of Dhanmondi. This is a very central point of Dhaka City. The location is easily accessible from any part of the city. All sorts of transports like bus, auto rickshaw, rickshaw etc are available from and towards the location. The wonderful Dhanmodi Lake is within few yards; the eye-catching parliament building is very close, lot of shopping malls within the walking distance.

Key Points of DIU
Daffodil International University is.

  • A leading Bangladeshi university with international facilities for quality teaching.
  • A university with a rich and fully automated library.
  • A university with adequate laboratory facilities; there are twelve different categories of lab allocation for Faculty of Science and Information Technology (FSIT). 
  • A university with a full-fledged research center in the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE).
  • A university with opportunities for higher study in Europe, Australia and North America.
  • A caring university; the career development center (CDC) of DIU provides jobs and internships for students. 
  • A professional university with close links to industry and commerce.
  • An attractive university; campus is at the center of the heritage site of Dhaka.
  • A safe and supportive university with impressive services, which pays attention to special needs.
  • A university with outstanding social, cultural and sports facilities for students.

The specific targets & objectives of Daffodil International University are as follows:

  • An Information Technology & business education-based university which directly facilitates our students’ access to the international job market in Computer and IT fields.
  • The University has been established to provide Global Standard Education (GSE) in Bangladesh.
  • The University is committed to providing degree courses to GSE level and is accredited by internationally recognized accreditation bodies, like ACBSP, AACSB. Our aim is to establish degrees equivalent to those offered by universities in the USA through World Education Services (WES).
  • Providing high quality education for the development of human resources with the competence to compete in the contemporary world market.
  • Conducting and supporting research for the advancement of knowledge and the socio-economic development of the country through application of technology-oriented skills.
  • Contributing to the moral and ethical development of the common people to create a society, which is free from corruption, and is enduring and respectful of all beliefs and opinions for co-existence in peace and harmony in a good environment in society.
  • Creating a congenial academic environment for youth, free from political and other disturbances for their intellectual development.
  • Creating opportunities in education for all groups of people in the country, including rural and urban students as employees on campus, online and through distance learning education.
  • Developing and training students to meet the ever-growing demand for efficient marketing executives and IT personnel in Bangladesh.
  • Research and Monitoring Team (RMT) is engaged in new developments in education in developed countries to identify trends improving the standard of education.

A direct link exists between a university's mission and the characteristics of students served by its educational programs. Thus, program design and student selection are interdependent processes. Careful planning and implementation of these processes are necessary.

Student Selection
DIU selects students consistent with its mission. The University should make continuous effort to achieve demographic diversity in its student enrolment. The policies for admission to degree programs at the undergraduate level should be clear. Retention policies for undergraduate students should be consistent with an objective of producing high quality graduates.

The Credit Hour System
The procedures of the credit hour semester system are accepted in the academic programs of DIU, comprising 14 weeks of instruction each semester.
However, there are 3 credit hour courses having 42 instruction hours. The credit hour system has flexibility for students with a view to proceeding according to their competence and eagerness as well as interest.

The Semester System and Semester Schedules
The adoption of the semester system in lieu of yearly system is an essential element of studying at DIU. An academic year has three semesters, each of 4 months duration which are allocated in the following manner: 14 weeks of instruction and 2 weeks for registration and examinations.

Work Load and Expected Duration of a Program
A student with a typical workload has 15 credit hours per semester. 4 years are therefore required for completion of a Bachelor's degree (Honors).
A student in a Master's program typically has 12 credit hours and 3 semesters are required for completion of Master's degree.
In addition, there is sufficient flexibility for students to modify these guidelines, should they so wish.

Bangladesh is very rich in its culture and heritage; it has beautiful landscape with exquisite natural beauty, fresh air, sea beaches, hill tracks and lots more to explore.
DIU is located in the heart of the city of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Daffodil International University provides an excellent environment for academic research as well as mental recreation. DIU always welcomes students from all around the globe.
International students meeting equivalent admission qualification are eligible for admission as regular students or as special students for a part of the duration and may acquire transfer credits. Admission is also open to any person who wishes to pursue courses or a course as a non-degree student to improve their knowledge or acquire new skills. Students are also admitted for specific certificate- or diploma courses (

For admission international students/ applicants are advised to read the following carefully:

 Semester System:
There are three semesters each academic year. The duration of each semester is 4 months.

  1. January to April
  2. May to August
  3. September to December

Application Process:

  1. First of all, a student has to go through the courses that DIU offers according to the tuition fees of the respective course, then choose one among them for study.
  2. S/he has to submit all required papers as stated below (b).
  3. If a student is eligible for admission after evaluation by the concerned committee as per University Admission Rules, an Admission Letter will be issued stating his/her name and Passport Number. (If required by the embassy, other information may also be provided.)
  4. The student on arrival should immediately report to the University Admission section and complete all the required official formalities of enrollment. All payments will be made in cash (in BDT*).

* BDT – Bangladeshi Taka

  1. Admission Form: International students may download/ collect the soft copy of the admission form available on the admission page (admission form). In such cases, $10 will be charged in addition to the admission fees while enrolling.
  2. Required Papers: Student will have to submit/ send his/her previous certificates, transcripts, a copy of a valid passport (the page containing the applicant’s details) and equivalence certificates (that certify his/ her degree is accepted globally) by post or e-mail.
  3. Solvency Certificate: International Students are required to submit a bank solvency certificate to demonstrate his/ her capability to complete the degree from Daffodil International University, Bangladesh.
  4. Health Fitness: A student must submit a recent health fitness report to show his/her physical fitness.
  5. Closing Date of Admission: Application closing date is available on the DIU website. International students are requested to contact DIU at least 2 months prior to the closing date of a semester.
  6. Hostel Facilities: At present hostel/accommodation facilities for female students are available at Daffodil International University. The monthly cost would be around $70.

Though hostel/accommodation facilities for male students are not available yet, residence facilities are available on a rental basis. The cost would vary from US$70 to US$120 per month depending on the location, number of students staying in a room and quality of the flat.

Special Notes:

  1. International students are advised to communicate with the Director of Students affairs/Proctor and their respective Embassy/High Commission in case of emergency.
  2. The University will not be responsible for arranging visas for any foreign students, but will provide information to the embassy (if required).
  3. Please be informed that the inclusion of any false information or submission of fake academic documents would constitute grounds for dismissal from the University.