Important notice for the Overlap/Improvement exam of Fall 2022

Dear Student,
I am welcoming you all to New Year and New Semester of 2023!
Though we are going to start a new semester, still we have to complete Overlap/Improvement exam of Fall 2022.
The exam will be held on 23rd January to 31st January. Please contact with your course teacher to know about specific date and time.
Rules of Overlap/Improvement exam-
§ Overlap exam: Only if there are two exams in the same slot of the same day. No other exam will be considered as overlap.
§ Improvement exam: If your obtained grade is “B” or below in a course(s) then you can sit for improvement exam of that course(s).
€ Payment for improvement exam should be completed within 19th January.
€ No application and payment slip will accept after 19th January.