Major Al Maimun (Retd)

I have found throughout the journey of my life that a successful career cannot be established over the night. Proper Planning, focused goal and clear dedication together are the heart of any success, only if all sorts gradually can improve the throughput.

The years, I traveled through an uncertain destination, thinking about what to do which let me identify life as “Life is an extreme struggle to survive in this world”. There is no chance to find a social reputable life without a plan rather its creation. Thousand times I had lost myself from my tracks and plans but never let my life, be controlled or dominated by the unfortunate conditions. I was determined to my goal and promised myself that I must rule my miserable days and overcome any obstacle. Yes, today I am going to share with you how I transferred a failure life to success…

I had completed my graduation in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (ETE) from Daffodil International University (DIU). I was not born with a golden spoon in my mouth. Besides the miserable reality of my family, I made a disaster in my Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exam. An unexpected poor result totally made me stop dreaming of something special for my career. I was started ignoring by all of my family members, friends, and neighbors for the poor results. I absorbed all negative comments which reacted inside me as the light of powerful sparks to enlighten me very humbly and positively…

In consideration of my HSC result, it was quite impossible to get admitted to a public University with a good subject though I had been dreaming of a career in the Telecommunication industry. At that time, I was immensely impressed by the excellence and reputation of Daffodil International University. I sought all information out about Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (ETE) program. Considering all types of facilities and standards, finally, I took admission to Daffodil International University in ETE, though there was a dissatisfaction worked inside me about my friends’ chances in BUET, DU, and so many public Universities.

Day one in my University life was so much surprising and amazing to me for the wonderful directions about the study and career plans by the teachers/ professors. My confidence and mindsets started rebuilding up after meeting the uniqueness of my University about teaching-learning management & extra-curriculum activities nationally and internationally. I realized that “Allah has made a surprising right turn in my life” when I had found all top public Universities and colleges’ professors were taking my classes.

From the beginning, my dream was big and I’d determine inside me to challenge the hardest competitions. Accordingly, I beat all of some national level completions. I and my team won the Gold Medals two times in the “National Cisco Skill Competition”. I still proudly share my gratitude towards some important persons in academic life who would empower my motivations for active participation in the study and career goals. Professor Dr. A. K. M. Fazlul Haque, Associate Dean and Director of IQAC, DIU, Dr. Md. Nadir Bin Ali, Joint Director-IT, DIU. Finally, and of course, I should mention the name of Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, the Chairman, Daffodil International University, was my hidden motivation because his speeches and lifestyle made me more keen and focus on career-goal through the development of necessary skillsets.

End of the graduation, I instantly joined my first job in AKTEL as a Network Engineer since I was recognized as a skilled and certified candidate. Gradually, I created a lot of winning stories working with many brands like Huawei, Grameenphone IT Ltd (Telenor), Accenture, and a lot of world-leading brands.
I, now a proud citizen of Bangladesh, am upholding the national flag of Bangladesh as the Technical Head of Network Operation Center in Kuwait Army where I am leading a team of 70 members including Military and civil engineers. During taking care of the national network and security of Kuwait, I worked together with a number of leading military organizations in the world. As a member of the DIU Family, I feel proud when I meet a huge number of proud alumni who are leading different international organizations worldwide.