Media Lab


Department of JMC

Media, both the print and electronic is a pre-requisite for human life and social order. In modern times, social systems can only form and endure when the people are linked to each other by media. The history of mankind is replete with instances of the democratization of societies and growth of nationalism in different countries being largely contingent upon the proliferation of democratic modes of media, free expression and responsible journalism. Besides, as a watchdog, the media are not merely the carriers of messages in the contemporary world, but also mould public opinion and, if properly used, can even bring out hidden human qualities. Forward-looking journalism and committed media can also transform Bangladesh, along with many other developing countries, taking it out of poverty and ensure its economic growth with well-balanced opportunities. Media and its professionals also play a significant role in supporting democracy and people's right as well as ensuring transparency and accountability in all spheres of public affairs, which is the key demand of contemporary society. Journalism and Mass Communication, being so powerful in setting the direction of society, understandably draw the attention of many who crave for power. Therefore, the importance of Journalism and Mass Communication studies in the social dynamics of Bangladesh gets remarkable support from different segments of civil society and the masses. The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication in Daffodil International University works to fulfill its mission through providing knowledge and skills to its students and taking on the challenges of the next generation.

JMC Media Lab 

Daffodil International University has launched a Modern Media Lab under the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC). This Lab is intended for students’ practical classes and for producing quality TV programs.
Our Media Lab will be able to fulfil the needs of producers in a city where there is a shortage of quality studios. Special features of the Lab are spacious floor area, and sound and echo proofing.

It has the following features for TV program producers:

Height of the Lab                    12'
Sound proof                            100%
Echo proof                             100%
Light Hanging System           100%
Double Lift facility                   24 hrs
Air Conditioning                       Central
Electricity                                  DESA & self-generated 
Online Booking Service           Available

Experienced light crews will also facilitate production of quality TV programs.
The Video Editing Unit has the following special features:
Fully air conditioned
Ultra Modern Matrox RT.X2 Real-time Multi-format 
Digital Editing Work Station alongside the Media Lab  
Nonstop video editing facilities with Matrox
Customized HP Workstation
Our experienced editors will make your editing dynamic
SONYLMD 1420 Professional Video Monitor for video preview which ensures the quality of your production/program

Conference Room

A spacious, environmentally friendly, air conditioned modern conference room is available for your VIP guests, directors, artists and others.


Alongside the Studio, you will be able to enjoy a large, well-decorated auditorium with the following facilities:
Modern technological facilities
Seating capacity for audiences numbering 300
Shooting facility in the presence of audiences
Designed and suitable for discussion programs, seminars and symposia and film shows

Suitable for Producing

Our Media Lab will be very helpful in producing the following programs:

Talk Shows    

Musical Programs
Dance Programs                        
Presentation Programs 

Fees and Charges

a) Media Studio
Each Session                           - BDT 3,500.00
Day Long (until 9.00 pm) - BDT 5,000.00 
(Excluding Lights and Crew)

b)Video Editing

Per hour                                     - BDT 300.00
(Including Video Editor's Honorarium)


External users will have to pay Taka 15,000, in total, for one day (10:00am to 8:00pm) in addition to a refundable security deposit of Taka 5,000.

Cancellation Charges

Within 4 days of the date of the event: 25% of the total venue rate
Within 2 days of the event: 50% of the total venue rate
Within 1 day of the event: 75% of the total venue rate