How We Are Developing Students for the Post Covid Time?


Are we going back to the world we lived before? Definitely the answer would be No. We neither know when the COVID 19 virus will leave this planet nor it is guaranteed yet. The immediate impact of the COVID 19 is visible already. Many jobs went virtual. Organizations are concentrating on digital transformation. The organizations started to rely on data driven decision making as it is the question for their survival in this pandemic time today and for projected success in the future. The organization is investing in Automation, Digitization, AI to fit in the future world. On one side we can expect tremendous scope for innovation and growth and on the other side we can see a lot of opportunities are closing at the arrival of COVID 19.

As the global job market is becoming more competitive so our university graduates need to be more focused and advanced to stand out from the competition. If we consider the expectation of Employers today, we find, they are expecting the depth knowledge and practical skills on the subject matter they studied before, and also, personal qualities means soft skills to excel from the remote workstation. Today a graduate is considered employable only when they have the required skills (Hard Skills), personal qualities (Softskills) and mindset (Adaptability) to serve in the job environment and gain the purposes. Therefore, to prove the employability of graduates Institutions are taking many initiatives to build a future ready workforce. Also concentrating to keep them relevant, have the knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed to work effectively in a digitized, automated world—and to build and consume AI-powered insights.

The CDC and Skill.Jobs team at Daffodil International University is offering training, opportunities, resources, and guidance needed to excel before a student enters into the competitive job world.

Let's take a look how we are preparing the Future Leaders to grab the New Normal Opportunities and Get success in the changed world:

International experience
Global Experience helps students to get confidence, cross cultural experiences, important life skills, earning knowledge, developing networks and most importantly to set his personal and professional life. Daffodil International University has connections and collaborations with more than 400 Universities world in ….. Countries. Through this connection DIU students are getting scope to attend international learning events, through student exchange programs, get scholarships, attend boot camp, summer and winter camp, join theVolee scholarship program, attend foreign faculty classes and so on. It is helping students to earn valuable experiences on Global issues, knowledge development, join the global network and cross cultural competencies which are very important for personal and professional life.
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Attaining practical skills through internships:
Internship experience will always help a graduate to get competitive advantages. In the post COVID time, graduation from a top class institution or earning good grades might not be the only parameter to land in the jobs. Rather an internship experience, knowledge in the practical job field and proven skills in serving the organization will be given importance. Daffodil International University is providing course based internship and apprenticeship programs where students can apply to get the advantages in the post covid job market.



Volunteering is a very important way to develop skills, a career network, to know personal choice, find a mentor, know oneself, what one likes or dislikes, earn knowledge, checkout occupation, opportunities in the industry, get references. Many international organizations give highest importance to Volunteering experiences. Daffodil International University provides the volunteering experiences to the students through different organizations like: Daffodil Institute of Social Sciences, Daffodil Foundation etc.


Mentorship Programs Through Career Doctrine

Daffodil International University offers mentorship programs through the Career Development Center during the study time and Career Doctoral program during the final year of their study. During the transition of University/Campus life to Professional life this mentorship program helps them to set their mindset and give inspiration, take necessary preparation to fit in the professional life.

Get Research Experience:

In the post covid world the analytical skills will be given highest priorities. Candidates who have critical thinking capabilities, good analytical skills to analyse data, develop innovative ideas and design any creative things will be in high demand.This is called the research initiative. At DIU we have a Research Unit to give the students scope for taking part in research and publish in different journals. Also students are given scope to earn practical knowledge in different institutions and organizations.

Learning by Doing
Learning by Doing or Practical implementation of learned skills are ensured by different project initiatives. DIU has started to do it. And in the long run DIU is going to start several Residential Program in its green campus to develop students and their skills to move forward and become confident.

Tech Knowledge:
Our Students are already getting free laptops under One Students, One Laptop Projects. The students are given the scope to explore the knowledge and ideas and they are given training in using technology too. The post COVID world will be mainly for Technically Skilled graduates so our graduates will get the benefit here.