Message from the Head

Dear Students, Parents, and Stakeholders,

It brings me immense pride to share the remarkable journey of the Department of Accounting at Daffodil International University. Our commitment to shaping future professionals who not only understand traditional accounting but also thrive in a technology-driven era sets us apart.

The BBA in Accounting program, accredited by ACCA and ICAB, is a testament to our dedication to academic rigor and global standards. In our department, innovation meets tradition, and education extends beyond the classroom, preparing students for the challenges of the modern business landscape. The students of the BBA in Accounting programs will get significant number of courses waived that will help them to achieve a professional certificate from the renowned accounting professional bodies.

I invite you to explore the exciting opportunities within our department and be part of an educational experience that goes beyond textbooks. Together, let's continue nurturing excellence in accounting education.

Warm Regards,


Professor Mohammad Rokibul Kabir, PhD
Head, Department of Accounting
Daffodil International University