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DIU students represent Bangladesh at NASA

4 June 2024

12:00 AM

Room No. AB 402

AB Building, DIU Smart City Campus

Contact Person

Md. Saiful Islam, Covener, DIU CPC

Contact: 01810 000 000

NASA Space Apps Global Champion team "Team Diamonds", a team of students from the Department of Software Engineering, Daffodil International University (DIU) pose for a photograph with the Consul General of Bangladesh in New York Mr. Md. Najmul Huda.

"Team Diamonds", a team of students from the Department of Software Engineering, Daffodil International University (DIU), won the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2022 as the "Most Inspirational" project. The team is now heading to NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration – to represent the country as the champions of this prestigious international competition. Team Diamonds is led by Tisha Khandokar as its team leader. Other team members include Md Munim Ahmed, the team's UI/UX designer and data analyst; Injamamul Haque Sonet, the System Architect; Abu Niaz, the app's developer, and Zarin Chowdhury, the team's dedicated researcher.

They will participate in various NASA events on June 4/5/6. Notable among them is that on the 5th they will be given a reception at the NASA headquarters in Washington and here they will also be given the opportunity to give a presentation and be given a certificate. Then on the 6th, NASA will fly them to a launch facility in Maryland from where the spaceships will be launched. They will stay there all day. Then they will visit the NASA Space Museum. Since their departure, they have been welcomed by various embassies of Bangladesh in the United States and NRB Global. The Bangladeshi community in New York welcomed them. There is a special reception from NRB Gable. The University of Washington hosted a reception for them on the 8th. They will then attend the Bangladesh Consulate Office in New York and various meetings with the Ambassadors.

They are going to different universities and participating in different meetings about what they can do for the country. They will also hold meetings with several professionals and institutions.

 The team's winning project, "Diamond in the Sky", is an interactive, game-based learning tool designed for children aged 10 to 12.  "This innovative application aims to teach kids about stellar variability and the dynamic nature of the night sky," said Tisha. "By engaging with the game, children can recognize star patterns, understand star colors, and learn about their brightness. The purpose of our app is to provide young learners the opportunity to comprehend star twinkling and the slow changes in the night sky, fostering a new perspective and appreciation for astronomy."

"Winning the NASA Space Apps Challenge is an incredible honour and a source of immense pride for our team and our country," added Tisha. "Representing Bangladesh and getting to raise our red and green flag at NASA fills us with joy and pride, showcasing our nation's potential on a global stage."

As Team Diamonds sets to depart for NASA, they have high expectations from their visit.  "Our plans include meeting with NASA scientists and gaining valuable knowledge about space science," said Tisha. "We are particularly excited about our invitation to visit the Goddard Space Flight Center, which promises hands-on experience with cutting-edge space science and technology. This visit will undoubtedly enrich our understanding and inspire further innovation."

She said, "By addressing genuine issues, you can make meaningful contributions to the world and increase your chances of success in any competition. Embrace the challenge, think creatively, and remember that your solutions can have a significant impact. This mindset is key to excelling in the NASA Space Apps Challenge and making a difference in the field of space science."

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