The faculty members and the graduate students of the Law Department at Daffodil International University (DIU) are playing an important role in the university's research efforts, which span all areas of the globe and tackle issues of international significance. Research at the university, as well as the Law Department, has made an enormous impact on our fundamental understanding of the world and significant contribution to society’s needs, especially in the field of law and rights. Besides, the students on research degrees work closely with an academic supervisor focusing on a specific research project to produce a thesis that represents a significant and substantial piece of work.

Research Environment

DIU is dedicated to the advancement of science, business, and social sciences, and these research findings then may promote the economic and social advancement of Bangladesh. Generally, the research expenditure of DIU is considerably higher than other universities in Bangladesh. Hence a large number of research work in different departments (including the Law Department) are carried out. The university provides a supportive environment in which researchers at every stage of their careers can flourish. The university is dedicated to fostering research collaborations across the world with research institutions, research agencies, funding bodies, industrial and commercial partners, sponsors, and benefactors. DIU has signed a large number of MoU with much foreign universality for continuing the research activities including the student and faculty exchange program. In the field of legal research, DIU promotes the researchers especially.

Research Centre

The DIU has multi-disciplinary Research Centers and the Scholars are the members of these research centers. The Law Department continues its research-related activities under the Research Center for the Faculty of Humanities Social Science (Research Center for FHSS). It promotes the research and scholarly activities of the faculty members of the Law Department. Scholars of different disciplines are members of this center. It is basically a research incubator and plays catalytic roles in developing research ideas and outputs. The research initiatives are funded by the DIU authority to patronize research for the academic excellence of the faculty members as well as the university itself. The qualified faculty members of DIU under the leadership of senior researchers will pursue their academic research under the research centers. Like other Research Centers of DIU, Research Center for FHSS is a proper ground for the faculty members of the Law Department to come out of shells with creativity and innovations. Through this endeavor, the faculty members of the law department achieve remarkable progress in the field of legal research.

Research Journal

The Law Department is in the process of publishing a yearly law journal. The Law Department is under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) and this FHSS publishes a research journal on a regular basis. The name of the journal is the Daffodil International University Journal of Humanities and Social Science which is a peer-reviewed, international, and archival journal providing a publication medium for complete coverage addressing all topics of interest to academics, researchers, professionals, practitioners, educators, programmers, developers, managers, and executives in the field of Science and Technology. Its goal is to foster the advance of the state-of-the-art in this field. The journal solicits original, high quality, and unpublished papers, or extended versions of papers presented at conferences.