Information and Communication Engineering

The Department of Information and Communication Engineering (ICE) former (ETE) aims to impart and improve the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students in Information and Communication Engineering.

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Textile Engineering

The Department of Textile Engineering deals with the application of scientific and engineering principles to the design and control of all aspects of fiber, textile, and apparel processes, products, and machinery. It encompasses different areas of engineering, such as mechanical, electrical, computer, chemical, instrumentation, electronic and structural engineering.

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Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The Department of  Electrical and Electronic Engineering offers programs which develop students  in such a way so that they  can solve the  design problems,  apply engineering skills, exhibit critical thinking in professional engineering practices or can tackle social, technical and business challenges.

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The mission of the department is to develop the students to develop a career as Professional Architecture. The contents are selected to provide a harmonious blend of relevant basic courses, fundamentals of building technology,  and their applications as well as social, technical and environmental relevance

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Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering covers a broad range of disciplines related to structural, environmental, geotechnical, transportation and water resources engineering. The syllabus involves public infrastructure, including transportation, water resources, buildings and other structures such as dams and bridges such as Civil engineers plan, design and supervise the construction of facilities

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