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About the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship

The Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship (FBE) at DIU is one of the largest faculties at DIU. Its primary aim is to provide exceptional education in business and entrepreneurship while cultivating the essential values needed by future business leaders and entrepreneurs. FBE actively engages in research and teaching related to business, entrepreneurship, and innovation, with a strong commitment to fostering an entrepreneurial community both on and off campus. The faculty consistently updates its curriculum to adapt to the changing demands of the 4th industrial revolution. It offers state-of-the-art facilities, such as an extensive physical and digital library, advanced IT infrastructure, modern computer labs, cutting-edge technology, business incubator, marketing lab, finance lab, and innovation lab. Furthermore, FBE places a strong emphasis on international collaborations, implements educational objectives that enhance employability, and encourages a global and entrepreneurial mindset.