Innovation & Entrepreneurship

About Us

The Bachelor of Entrepreneurship focuses on identifying the behavioral disposition and developing the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurs are people who identify, develop and exploit new business opportunities. They are a vital ingredient in the process of economic growth of a country. Creating and developing a reservoir of attitudinally appropriate and positive entrepreneurs in a society is very essential for that society. A group of successful entrepreneurs is a competitive advantage for a country in the world economic scenario. The history of economically developed countries very truly supports this view. A career as an entrepreneur can be both challenging and rewarding.


Entrepreneurs are most commonly associated with identifying new business opportunities and then building their own business ventures (notable examples include Steve Jobs with Apple, Bill Gates with Microsoft, Samuel Walton with Wal-Mart and Richard Branson with Virgin). Business planning and business topics among others are important features of this specialization.


Program Aims

This degree program is directed towards providing wide varieties of knowledge about all aspects of entrepreneurship. Besides, this course provides a broad and flexible educational preparation for a range of professional to business related careers in private and public enterprises.


A bachelor’s degree is a post-higher secondary degree awarded after completing 141 credits. It usually takes 8 (Eight) semesters to complete a Bachelor’s degree and each semester will have 6 (six) months duration. While completing an undergraduate course, candidates have to study general courses and choose a major specific subject. A Bachelor’s degree can also be called a baccalaureate in certain countries.


Graduates of the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship will be able to define their own job or to work for diverse business organizations. This is because the degree has the purpose of providing students the knowledge to create their own company and products. And it does this by teaching the required skills such as marketing, finance, accounting or the basics of business management.