Safety and Security Management

Vehicle Registration


To get vehicle entry pass and park your vehicle in the Daffodil Smart City, employees and students needs to get vehicle sticker through online registration by proving required information and scan copy documents. Once the registration is done, you can get vehicle stickers from the CCTV Control Room without any charges. The vehicle and sticker category are mentioned below:


Diamond Color: Blue BoT Members, VC, Pro VC, Treasurer, Registrar, Dean-Academic Affairs, All Deans All Gates
Gold Color: Gray Directors, Librarian, Exam Controller, Professors, Hall Provosts, Similar Designation Holder Gate 4, 5 & 8
Silver Color: Green Green For all other Designations as per need. Gate 5 & 8

Students/Stakeholders Color: Purple
Stakeholders Gate 5 & 8


Vehicle Registration Link: