Lab and Amenities


Daffodil International University endeavors to provide its students adequate laboratory facilities in each semester, especially for the science and engineering students. Each of the undergraduate programs of the Faculty of Science and Information Technology is intensively laboratory oriented. From the very beginning the Faculty is trying its level best to establish different laboratories and procure sophisticated equipment from home and abroad especially from USA, UK, Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, India, etc. The following laboratories have already been established:

Analog Electronics Laboratory Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Physics Laboratory
Apparel Manufacturing Lab Electrical Circuits Laboratory Software Lab
Chemistry lab Fabric Manufacturing Lab Telecommunication Engineering Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory Industrial Electronics Laboratory Textile Engineering Drawing Lab
Computer Networks Laboratory Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory Textile Testing and Quality Control Lab
Control Systems Laboratory Microprocessor and Interfacing Laboratory Wet processing laboratory
Data Communication Laboratory Microwave Engineering Laboratory Yarn Manufacturing Lab
Digital Electronic Laboratory Pharmacy Laboratory Media Lab

Analog Electronics Laboratory

This laboratory is well equipped with various types of analog trainer boards, oscilloscopes, dc power sources, function generators, multimeter, LCR meters. Besides, in this laboratory there are wide ranges of resistors. Capacitors, inductors, VRs, diode, transistor, MOSFET, analog ICs, etc. Students are engaged in doing experiments on study of semiconductor device characteristics, voltage regulator circuit, rectifier circuit, adder, integrator and differentiator circuit using linear op-amp 1C, minority carrier life-time measurement of LDR and LED. Besides, students build project on CE/CC amplifier, power amplifier, communication circuits such as Amplitude and Frequency Modulation and Demodulation circuit, PLL circuit, etc.

Apparel Manufacturing Lab

This is a very popular lab. Students get interest in working with sewing machines. This lab is equipped with different types of sewing machines with necessary materials, scissors, long scales and all facilities for pattern making, marker making, and fabric cutting & sewing.

Chemistry lab

Chemistry is the main backbone for textile engineering program. Well equipped lab is established for running chemistry lab. Digital balance, PH meter, electric series water bath with temperature control system, distilled water plant is provided in this lab. Very good quality glass wares are available in this lab.

Chemistry Laboratory

This laboratory is well furnished with various types of apparatus such as, digital balance, modern series water bath with temperature control system, p-H meter, very sophisticated German origin burettes and pipettes, very good quality glass wares, one very good distilled water plant, suction pumps, gas based Bunsen burners and other chemical equipment and chemical reagents. Various types of chemicals are used to do experiments on volumetric and gravimetric analysis, general systematic organic and inorganic salts analysis, p-H metric and potentiometric titration etc.

Computer Networks Laboratory

In this laboratory, there are number of PCs connected in LAN for 60 students. This laboratory is provided with Windows 2000 Professional Servers, NIC, Crimpers, twisted pair cables, RJ45 connectors, router, switches, hubs and other networking kits.

Control System Laboratory

This laboratory is under construction using the PLC, analog and digital motor control, robot arm control, PID control, etc. At present, students are using 'Control System Toolbox' of MATLAB to study the Routh's Stability Criterion, Step response to a system of different orders and types, root locus, PID control and digital control, Lm and phase-angle diagram to find the error co-efficient of a system for different types of input signals.

Data Communication Laboratory

This laboratory is also being set up using the data communication trainer from Falcon, India. At the moment, students are doing experiments on AM, FM, PCM, QPSK, ASK, FSK, OMSK, BER calculation, TDM, TDMA, CDMA, etc. using 'Communication Toolbox1 of MATLAB.

Digital Electronics Laboratory

This laboratory is featured with state-of-the art laboratory equipment such as digital trainer board, logic probe, 1C tester, 1C extractor, digital meters, data switches, and wide ranges of digital ICs of TTL and CMOS series. Students do laboratory experiments on designing combinational and sequential circuits. Besides, they build up projects on logic gates, digital voltmeter, digital timer, etc. This laboratory will be furnished with FPGA training kit of Midas, Korea very soon.

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

This laboratory is also being developed using the DSP training kit of Texas Instrument's TMS320Cxx. At present, students are doing experiments using 'Signal Processing Toolbox1 of MATLAB. They are doing experiments on sample sequence generation, noise cancellation of an image, study of FIR and MR filters, power spectrum analysis, wav file processing, etc.

Electrical Circuits Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with various types of resistors, variable rheostat, inductor, capacitor, dc and ac power supplies. Switches, lamp boards, ammeters, voltmeters, clamp-on-meters, variacs, oscilloscopes, etc. Here students verify different electrical circuit and network theorems, e.g., KCL, KVL, mesh, node, thevenin's, maximum power transfer, superposition theorems, etc.

Fabric Manufacturing Lab

The main objective of this lab is to learn fabric manufacturing technology both the conventional processes and modern processes. Single jersey knitting circular machine, hand driven sweater knitting machine, pirn winding machine, conventional power loom, dobby shedding mechanism, rapier loom etc are available in this lab to run practical classes smoothly.

Industrial Electronics Laboratory

This is a newly established laboratory. Students mainly do experiments on study of device characteristics of MOSFET, SCR, TRIAC, DIAC, UJT, PUT, etc. They also use PSPICE and MATLAB software packages to simulate various types of power electronics circuits e.g. inverter, buck and boost regulator, chopper driven circuits, etc.

Measurement & Instrumentation Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with various types of test and measurement instruments like galvanometer, ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, energy meter, solar panel, different types of transducer, etc. Students design and implement experiments on differential and instrumentation amplifier, universal voltmeter, power and energy measurement techniques.

Microprocessor & Interfacing Laboratory

This laboratory is established with 8086 microprocessor trainer kit, Pentium IV microcomputer, memory and interface ICs and devices. Students do projects on microprocessor and pc based dc motor and stepper motor controls, control of different electrical appliances through relay, display different patterns on LED, seven-segment display and dot-matrix display.

Microwave Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory has started functioning from summer 2006 semester and will be equipped with microwave communication trainers from U Technical's, UK and D'Lorenzo, Italy..

Pharmacy Laboratory

The Department of Pharmacy has the following laboratory facilities, each adequately   equipped   with   instruments,   equipment,   glassware chemicals to perform experiments defined in the curricula.

  1. Inorganic and Physical Pharmacy Laboratory
  2. Pharmacognosy and Photochemistry Laboratory
  3. Organic pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory
  4. Physiology and Pharmacology Laboratory
  5. Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory
  6. Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics Laboratory.

Physics Laboratory

This laboratory has been established in two rooms. It is well equipped with various types of apparatus such as calorimeters, post office box, meter bridge, potentiometer, polarimeter, compound pendulum, microscope, sonometer, optical bench, traveling microscope, resistance boxes (ranging from 0.1 W to 10,000 W), rheostates of various ranges, slide calipers, screw gauges, capillary tubes, Searle's apparatus, bad conductors, good conductors, viscosity measurement apparatus, galvanometers, voltmeters, ammeters, multimeters etc.

Software Lab

A highly equipped and modern quality Software Engineering Lab specially designed for the students of the department of Software Engineering Department of Daffodil International University has been setup. The lab comprised of 30 latest and highest configured PC's with uninterrupted power supply.

Telecommunication Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory has been working from summer 2006 semester using the experimental kits from TIMS, Australia, U Technicals, UK and Falcon, India.

Textile Engineering Drawing Lab

This lab is provided with modern engineering drawing tables with necessary accessories. Opportunity is available here to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. A good number of students can be accommodated at a time.

Textile Testing and Quality Control Lab

This lab is well equipped with following modern & important instruments such as trash analyzer, wrap reel, wrap block, twist tester, GSM cutter & digital balance, beesleys balance, abrasion resistance tester, fabric thickness tester, wash fastness tester, color cabinet, rubbing fastness tester, dry and wet bulb hygrometer etc. The enrichment is going on very rapidly.

Wet processing laboratory

The main purpose of this lab is to learn dyeing technology. Sufficient glass wares and dye chemicals are provided to run this lab. Different types of yarn and fabrics are used for dyeing in this lab. The enrichment is going on very frequently.

Yarn Manufacturing Lab

The main objective of this lab is to learn cotton yarn manufacturing technology from the raw cotton. In this lab we have carding machine and draw-frame machine. The enrichment of this lab will be done very frequently.