Rules and Regulations for the Gymnasium


The management of DIU provides the gymnasium facility for students and employees, situated in the Basement, Daffodil Tower. The gym is set up with modern fitness equipment to ensure a balanced mental and physical routine. The University authority expects that everybody (students, employees, instructors and support staff) will strictly follow the following rules and regulations to ensure proper use and maintenance of the gymnasium.

  1. The gym is exclusively for the use of students and employees of the University. No-one else is entitled to enter the gym.
  2. Only regular (registered) students are allowed to use the gym. Drop-out students are strictly prohibited in this regard.
  3. Each student must fill up a form (attached herewith) and submit the relevant documents to the Gym Instructor to avail the facilities.
  4. Users must follow the guidelines of the instructor while exercising and they must handle the equipment very carefully.
  5. Users must not try any equipment without guidance from the instructor as it could be harmful for health/fitness.
  6. If it is found that any user has broken or damaged any equipment by improper use/ handling, then he or she will have to pay a fine as defined by the University authority or gym instructor.
  7. Students will have to pay Tk. 500/- during registration to become members. Membership will be made on a first-come first-served basis. The monthly fee structure for each user category is as follows:
SL User category Monthly Fees (Tk)
1 Students 1000/-
2 Teachers 1000/-
3 Officials 1000/-
  1. There will be a total of 8 sessions during University hours (from 9 AM to 5 PM), of which 2 will be exclusively for female students and the remaining 6 for male students. The time limit of each session will be one hour.
  2. There will be a single session after office hours exclusively for teachers and officials. Duration of the evening session will be 3 hours (from 5PM to 8PM).
  3. Users owing dues on monthly fees will not be allowed to work out until they clear them.
  4. The University authority may revise the fee structure upon showing valid reasons and prior notification. The management also reserves the right to cancel the membership of any user at any time if any allegation is found true against him/her.
  5. Any decision taken by the University authority will be considered final in these cases.

Important tips regarding the gym:

01. When you register, you will become a member of DIU Gym. You can use the gym at any time on payment of monthly charges.

02. Students are not allowed in the off peak time because faculty and officials are allowed to use the gym then. Off peak time means before 9 am and after 5 pm.

03. Before starting, if you have any valuables, you should keep them in a locker in the changing room or hand them to your Instructor for safe keeping.

04. Before you can use any of the equipment, you need to have training with one of our instructors.

05. When you have finished using the gym equipment, you should wipe it down before the next person uses it.

06. If you'd like some help with your exercise routine in the gym, you can make a booking for a special session with an exercise instructor.

Routine Tips:

When you decide to make a bodybuilding routine, you generally stick to it in the beginning. The results then are quite noticeable and so you will be keen to continue. But, after gaining some muscle, body building does not progress at such a fast pace as it did before. That is because your body slows down after gaining muscle. So, you may lose interest in the routine and may want to give up. But, that is not the right thing to do.
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Contact Persons:

Ms. Sanjida Amin Shila
Student Counselor
Cell: 01713493039