BSCIC Industrial Support Centre


Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC), one of the oldest public sector Corporation of the country established in 1957, is entrusted with the responsibility of development of Cottage, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (CMSME). And the categorical result of this development is: a) increase of production; b) generation of employment; c) alleviation of poverty; d) extending revenues to the treasury of the government; e) expanding the volume of export; f) contributing to the GDP of the country.

Why BSCIC at DIU Campus:

The responsibility of BSCIC is to address all sorts of existing and potential new entrepreneurs under the purview of MSME which is quite fair and logical. But the fact is that a large number of educated youths are now highly interested and trying hard to build their career as entrepreneur and this number is increasing rapidly day by day. In this situation, BSCIC has recently established an Industrial Support Centre (BISC) at DIU Campus with the aim to address the interest of DIU students to build their career as entrepreneur which is known as BISC.


Activities of BISC:

The BSCIC Industrial Support Centre at DIU Campus are providing the various services specially to the DIU students. However, it’s services are open to everyone who likes to set-up an industry or business under CMSME.