Research Center


About the Research Centers

The Research Centres are multi-disciplinary Centres at Daffodil International University. It promotes research and scholarly activities of its members. Scholars of different disciplines are the members of these centres. It is basically a research incubator and plays catalytic roles in developing research ideas and outputs. The research initiatives are funded by the DIU authority to patronize research for academic excellence of the faculty members as well as the university itself.

The Mission of the research centers is to be centres of excellence in multidisciplinary research. DIU is dedicated to the advancement of science, business and social sciences, and these research findings then may promote economic and social advancement of Bangladesh. The qualified faculty members of DIU under the leadership of senior researchers will pursue their academic research under three research centres.

Research Centers in Daffodil International University

1. Research Center for the Faculty of Science & Information Technology (FSIT)
2. Research Center for the Faculty of Business & Entrepreneurship (FBE)
3. Research Center for the Faculty of Humanities & Social Science (FHSS)
4. Research Center for the Faculty of Allied Health Science (FAHS)

Directors of Research Centers :

1. Dr. Md. Golam Mowla Choudhury, Professor, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
2. Mr. Rafiqul Islam, Professor, Department of Business Administration
3. Mr. Shusil Kumar Das, Professor, Department of English
4. Dr. S. M. Keramat Ali, Professor, Department of Public Health

This will be a proper ground for the young researchers to come out of shells with creativity and innovations. We strive to excel in selected research areas by sustaining dedication and motivation for quality research and publications. Through this endevour, the faculty members will achieve remarkable progress in knowledge globalization. The research centres are to be monitored by the country’s renowned scientist Emeritus Professor Dr. Aminul Islam.