DIU made a financial contribution for Purchasing books for some disadvantaged students of Giyaner Pathashala


Due to various disasters like Coronavirus, Amphan and floods, the lower middle class and lower class families of the country have been going through a difficult time. They are very anxious about earning their livelihood, let alone expending on their children’s education. So, students of these families are struggling hard to continue their education during this pandemic.

Giyaner Pathshala, mainly deals with the education of disadvantaged children. But this year, due to pandemic and several unfortunate natural disasters, they took other initiatives for implementing some projects like Zakat Fund, Sabolombii and Food distribution among the distressed and vulnerable people. Daffodil International University always tries to provide assistance to the initiatives of Giyaner Pathashala. As these families have no work on their hands in this pandemic situation, some disadvantaged families from several districts of the country have expressed their helplessness and requested them for financial assistance for getting their sons and daughters admitted into colleges who have recently passed SSC examination this year. The college admission fees for selected eight students has been managed earlier and they have already got admitted into the college.

The students were very worried about purchasing necessary books for continuing their education at the college. Hearing this, the management of Daffodil International University, as part of their academic social responsibility, has come forward with their helping hands and contributed the required financial assistance for purchasing necessary books for those disadvantaged students which will help them to continue their education and keep their golden dreams alive to become good citizens of the country.