Seminar on ‘Population Aging Across The World: Challenges, Opportunities and implications’


Seminar on ‘Population Aging across the world: Challenges, Opportunities and implications’

Old age population is an emerging issue for Bangladesh in coming days as Bangladesh is one of the twenty developing countries with largest number of elderly populations. By 2025 Bangladesh along with four other Asian countries, will account for about half of the world‘s total elderly population. Because of increasing life expectancy elderly population will increase and Bangladesh will face many difficulties in managing these challenges. This includes factors such as changing family structure, poverty, social and cultural norms and inadequate health care facilities for the elderly population. To address this issue as part of social responsibility, the seminar on “Population Aging across the world: Challenges, Opportunities and implications” was held at DIU Auditorium on August 19, 2013 organized by Department of Public Health of Daffodil International University.
It was observed that there is a great concern as the proportion of older people grows and family size declines, the family support system may be in jeopardy. The elderly in Bangladesh will face many problems such as insolvency, loss of authority, social insecurity, insufficient recreational facilities, lack of overall physical and mental care, problems associated with the living arrangements etc.
Mass awareness was created regarding the complexities and challenges of aging populations
It was recommended to introduce a life cycle approach of health care services to meet the future unmet need for health care services of the elderly population and underscored the need for growing demand of care related to conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, arthritis, vision impairment and disability.