LL.B. (Hons.)


Curriculum Structure

Group No. Course Components Credit
Group 1 General Education 12Credits
Group 2 Computer Course 3 Credits
Group 3 Core Courses 129 Credits
Total Credit required for LLB(Hons) 144 Credits

All courses are 3 credit hours and fixed offering

Serial No. Course Code Course Name
Level-4, Trem-3 LAW 409 Moot Court & Debating
LAW 410 Trial & Advocacy Training
LAW 411 Legal Drafting & Professional Ethics
LAW 412 Legal Research Methodology and Effective Writing
Level-4, Trem-2 LAW 405 Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAW 406 Maritime & Shipping Law
LAW 407 Media and Information Technology Law
LAW 408 Private International Law
Level-4, Trem-1 LAW 401 Human Rights Law
LAW 402 Environmental Law
LAW 403 Criminology
LAW 404 International Trade Law
Level-3, Trem-3 LAW 309 Law of Criminal Procedure (Part II)
LAW 310 Law of Civil Procedure (Part-II)
LAW 311 Intellectual Property Law
LAW 312 Land Laws of Bangladesh
Level-3, Trem-2 LAW 305 Law of Civil Procedure (Part-I)
LAW 306 Law of Criminal Procedure (Part-I)
LAW 307 General Clauses Act & Interpretation of Statutes
LAW 308 Law of Crimes
Level-3, Trem-1 LAW 301 Specific Relief and Limitation Act
LAW 302 Law of Evidence
LAW 303 Administrative Law
LAW 304 Registration and PDR Acts
Level-2, Trem-3 LAW 209 Law of Banking & Securities
LAW 210 Company Law
LAW 211 Fiscal Laws of Bangladesh
LAW 212 Public International Law
Level-2, Trem-2 LAW 205 Constitutional of UK & USA
LAW 206 Labor and Industrial Law
LAW 207 Law of Transfer of Property
LAW 208 Government and Politics
Level-2, Trem-1 LAW 201 Constitutional Law of Bangladesh
LAW 202 Hindu Law
LAW 203 Equity & Law of Trust
LAW 204 Law of Consumer Protection
Level-1, Trem-3 ENG 103 English – III (English for Law)
GED 305 Bangladesh Studies
LAW 106 Law of Torts
LAW 107 Business Laws
Level-1, Trem-2 ENG 102 English II (Communication  Skills)
LAW 103 Legal System of Bangladesh  
LAW 104 Jurisprudence 
LAW 105 Law of Contract
Level-1, Trem-1 ENG 101 English – I (Language Composition)
MIS 101 Art of Living
LAW 101 Legal History 
LAW 102 Muslim Law