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Policy for the selection of International Undergraduate Student for studies leading to bachelor degree pursuing higher education in Daffodil International University is described in the following Pages.

Approval- Dean of the faculty
Recommendation- Head of department
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Director, International Affairs Office
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Daffodil International University (DIU)started its international undergraduate degree program inthe year 2009. It has now grown up an extensive global network consisting of linkages by way of exchange agreements with over 60 universities and institutions all over the world.

In 2009DIU received its very first undergraduate International student from Turkey, in the Department of English. Since then the network is spreading geometrically. Between 2005 and 2015we had students from the USA, Indonesia, Nepal, Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya, Turkeyand South Korea. The students perused courses in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Journalism and Mass Communication, Multimedia and Creative Technology, Software Engineering, Law, Business Administration, English, Pharmacy. We have numbers of International Students and this number has been increasing day by day.


Students who are not citizens of Bangladesh will be considered as International Students for purposes of admission. The wide variations that exist in course contains, duration of study and the educational systems determine the eligibility very difficult.

Along with applications the student must supply all syllables, transcripts, certificates etc. to the Registrar Daffodil International University. He will send all papers to the Director, International Affairs. DirectorForward the applications to the concerned Dean of the Faculty for determining equivalence.

3. Eligibility for International graduate Student

Student should have good background of the subject. As a general rule,s/he must have minimum of 12years of school / School and College in the home country with proficiency in English. Along with their applications, TOFEL/IELTS results are to be included. Satisfactory results of the above tests will be accepted as one of the criteria for admission. Students failing to bring such certificates will be tested here. If found unsatisfactory,they will be given prerequisite courses in English. Students who have either studied English in their native schools or have English as medium of instruction will be waved from such examination.

Students willing to be admitted in spring, summer or fall semester of Daffodil International University must send their applications on or before 15thNovember, 15thMarch or 15thJuly respectively at the latest. The Registrar of the Daffodil International University will intimate them the outcome of their application by the end of November, March or July at the latest. The successful candidates themselves will arrange their passport, Visa and residence requirementin their own Countries before leaving for Bangladesh.

4. Credit Transfer of Studentsfromother Universities/Institute

Students through credit transferwill be accepted from other Universities/Institute with the approval of relevant departments. The concern equivalence committee will determine the eligibility of the applicants.


The foreign Student will download admission form from DIU website, fill it appropriately and submit to Registrar, Daffodil International University. While filling the form, if any student finds difficulties, he will take help from the Registrar of the University. The Registrar will intimate the final outcome through e-mail/telephone if necessary. For Disable students must ensure with the Registrar whether there are facilities for them to pursue higher education at DIU.

4.2 EXPENSESfor Higher Education at DIU

The student himself/herself will bear all expenses for their education in DIU. More specifically the expenses include an admission fee, tuition fee, food, logging and other incidental expenses such as purchasing of books and study materials. The student will arrange passport, Visa, health insurance,travel etc. byhimself including payments. While in Bangladesh, the student will pay tuition and other academic fees in US Dollar. Other payments will be made in Bangladesh currency. For enrollment in DIU, the student will pay tuition fee for one year (Spring, Summer and Fall) in advance. But this is non-refundable.


The University reserves the rightto cancel admission of any student permanently or temporarily from the University or from any class or classes of DIU for violations of the rules and regulations of the university or failure to maintain academic requirement.

The University reserves the right to amend or introduce change in academic requirements and financial liabilities any time during your stay at the University.
The Government of the Country has the right to deport any foreign students from Bangladesh for activities subversive of the state or discipline.

Professor Dr Md Fokhray Hossain              Director International Affairs    
Professor Dr. Engr. A. K. M. Fazlul Hoqu                    Registrar