Office of the Registrar

As the academic service leader of an institution, the Registrar is responsible for development, documentation, appropriate interpretation, and enforcement of the academic policy, etc. under the direction of senior institutional leadership. The Registrar manages complexities and ambiguities of and clearly defines the policy for students, alumni, guardians, teachers and administrative employees. He also, in compliance with institutional, professional, and legal principles and to provide timely and accurate information maintaining the security and integrity of confidential data, accomplishes tasks/assignments involved with other agencies including government, governing boards, and institutions interacting. The office of the Registrar translates policy into practices and procedures for teachers, administrative employees and students; maintains records, establishes policies, does documentation, takes situational decisions that impact an individual student and/or group and approves all new courses/ policies to meet institutional standards. It is a primary authority regarding teachers, administrative employees and students’ records and maintains institutional academic documents as a historical and legal record of each transaction. In line with the Vision 2021 and principles of Digital Bangladesh of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the Office of the Registrar strives to improve practices and procedures by innovative use of technological resources. One of the main goals of the office of the Registrar is to ensure that each student’s experience is a memorable one – both academic and extra-curricular.