Business & Entrepreneurship

Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration (DBA) strives hard to prepare tomorrow’s socially responsible business leaders aiming to be the center of excellence in the field of business education by focusing on the entrepreneurial mindset.

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Tourism & Hospitality Management

The objective of the department is to produce competent human resources to meet the ever-growing demand of the tourism industry and in their basic functions. Students have the scope to find jobs globally and enhance your skillset.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship aims to provide students a platform to develop relevant entrepreneurial skills through the practical assignment and project work and elevating the growth of new ventures through continuous mentoring and funding supported by venture capitals, angel investors, entrepreneurship development fund and other seed funds.

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Real Estate

The Department of Real Estate offers program majors in Banking & Finance, Land Management and Marketing. Real estate graduates are specialists in the real estate sector, but they can work in government organizations, universities, banks & financial institutions. Additionally they have the golden opportunity to become entrepreneurs

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Business Studies

The Department of Business Studies combines distinct areas in Business Information Technology. Graduates with an E-Business degree will possess knowledge and skills to significantly optimize advent e-technologies in planning and implementing enterprise-wide solutions required in meeting an organization’s business objectives.

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Welcome to the exciting world of accounting, where convention combines technology and numbers become life. The Department of Accounting is a pioneering hub that effortlessly integrates accounting concepts with cutting-edge technologies. We take pleasure in developing the next generation of professionals

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