Humanities & Social Sciences


The Department of English brings together three different but related areas of study: Literature, Linguistics, and Communicative English. Freshers and sophomores of the department are offered skill-based (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing) courses that directly help them upgrade their ability in English language usage.

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The Department of Law is dedicated to advancing human rights, social welfare, and justice through knowledge of the law. The department has been set up to fulfill the need for excellent and wide-ranging legal education. We run a range of Law programs to help students achieve their goal of becoming successful legal professionals.

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Journalism, Media and Communication

Aspire to become a journalist in a leading news media or channel? The Department of  Journalism, Media and Communication has got it covered with the involvement of renowned teachers and media professionals in the industry.

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Development Studies

The department equips students with practical professional skills which can be applied to address critical contemporary challenges, such as the poverty, corruption, poor governance, inequity, lack of human rights and social injustice faced by developing countries all over the world

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Information Science and Library Management

The Department of Information Science and Library Management promotes academic and professional study on how information is generated, disseminated, discovered, selected, used, organized, maintained, and managed. It equips students with related theories, approaches, and research.

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