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Daffodil International University has been designed in every aspect of American model. The undergraduate degree is for four years duration. Students take courses each semester and these courses have credits assigned to them and credits are counted towards the degree. Students are being graduated once they have the requisite number of credits & minimum grade point. Initially the university offers the bachelor's and master's degree. The master's programs are of two years duration. The university may also offer special courses tailored for people in the work force, e.g., diploma courses. Diploma holders with excellent grade point will have the option for higher studies in the proposed university. An academic year in the university is divided into three semesters - fall, summer and spring.

Key Points of DIU
Daffodil International University is.

  • A leading Bangladeshi university with international facilities for quality teaching.
  • A university with a rich and fully automated library.
  • A university with adequate laboratory facilities; there are twelve different categories of lab allocation for Faculty of Science and Information Technology (FSIT). 
  • A university with a full-fledged research center in the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE).
  • A university with opportunities for higher study in Europe, Australia and North America.
  • A caring university; the career development center (CDC) of DIU provides jobs and internships for students. 
  • A professional university with close links to industry and commerce.
  • An attractive university; campus is at the center of the heritage site of Dhaka.
  • A safe and supportive university with impressive services, which pays attention to special needs.
  • A university with outstanding social, cultural and sports facilities for students.

The specific targets & objectives of Daffodil International University are as follows:

  • An Information Technology & business education-based university which directly facilitates our students’ access to the international job market in Computer and IT fields.
  • The University has been established to provide Global Standard Education (GSE) in Bangladesh.
  • The University is committed to providing degree courses to GSE level and is accredited by internationally recognized accreditation bodies, like ACBSP, AACSB. Our aim is to establish degrees equivalent to those offered by universities in the USA through World Education Services (WES).
  • Providing high quality education for the development of human resources with the competence to compete in the contemporary world market.
  • Conducting and supporting research for the advancement of knowledge and the socio-economic development of the country through application of technology-oriented skills.
  • Contributing to the moral and ethical development of the common people to create a society, which is free from corruption, and is enduring and respectful of all beliefs and opinions for co-existence in peace and harmony in a good environment in society.
  • Creating a congenial academic environment for youth, free from political and other disturbances for their intellectual development.
  • Creating opportunities in education for all groups of people in the country, including rural and urban students as employees on campus, online and through distance learning education.
  • Developing and training students to meet the ever-growing demand for efficient marketing executives and IT personnel in Bangladesh.
  • Research and Monitoring Team (RMT) is engaged in new developments in education in developed countries to identify trends improving the standard of education.

A direct link exists between a university's mission and the characteristics of students served by its educational programs. Thus, program design and student selection are interdependent processes. Careful planning and implementation of these processes are necessary.

Student Selection
DIU selects students consistent with its mission. The University should make continuous effort to achieve demographic diversity in its student enrolment. The policies for admission to degree programs at the undergraduate level should be clear. Retention policies for undergraduate students should be consistent with an objective of producing high quality graduates.

The Credit Hour System
The procedures of the credit hour semester system are accepted in the academic programs of DIU, comprising 14 weeks of instruction each semester.
However, there are 3 credit hour courses having 42 instruction hours. The credit hour system has flexibility for students with a view to proceeding according to their competence and eagerness as well as interest.

The Semester System and Semester Schedules
The adoption of the semester system in lieu of yearly system is an essential element of studying at DIU. An academic year has two semesters, each of 6 months duration.

Work Load and Expected Duration of a Program
A student with a typical workload has 15 credit hours per semester. 4 years are therefore required for completion of a Bachelor's degree (Honors).
A student in a Master's program typically has 12 credit hours and 3 semesters are required for completion of Master's degree.
In addition, there is sufficient flexibility for students to modify these guidelines, should they so wish.

Bangladesh is very rich in its culture and heritage; it has beautiful landscapes with exquisite natural beauty, fresh air, sea beaches, hill tracks and lots more to explore.
Daffodil International University (DIU) is growing steadily upholding the spirit of its oath “Excellence in Education” in order to contribute to the development of the business and technological sectors of Bangladesh. Our programs are updated continuously by an independent academic council consisting of scholars from renowned academic institutions of the country. Our graduates are much sought after and employed by the corporate sectors of the country.
DIU has already been recognized as one of the top 10 Universities of Bangladesh in terms of providing quality education and preparation of graduates equipped to meet the challenges of globalization of business in the 21st Century. Our aim is not only to be the best university in the country but also to be the best in the South Asian region by providing quality education. The objective of DIU is to make its students employable with time befitting soft skills, leadership qualities and entrepreneurship. With the support from its students & faculty members. DIU has achieved (301-400) in world's leading Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2020 and in the top position among all universities in South Asian Region and the top-ranking university in Bangladesh in the UI Green Metric World University Rankings in 2018. Prestigious ASOCIO 2018 ICT Education Award and World Congress of IT (WCIT) 2017 Merit Award, as well as involvement with many international platforms, among others, AUAP, AUPF, GEN, IAUP, ACU, IAU, IEEE, ISTQB, Kauffman and Magna Charta Observatory keep us on the right track. To keep pace with the changing trend of the education system, DIU is continuously adopting sustainable measures through online education, innovation and automation for students’ development in future.
International students meeting equivalent admission qualifications are eligible for admission as regular students or as special students for a part of the duration and may acquire transfer credits. Admission is also open to any person who wishes to pursue courses or a course as a non-degree student to improve their knowledge or acquire new skills. Students can also be admitted for specific certificate- or diploma courses (

For admission international students/ applicants are advised to read the following carefully:

Duration of the programs:

Bachelor programs: All bachelor programs are 04 years duration. Only Bachelor of Architecture is 05 years duration.
Master programs: All master programs duration is from 01 year to 02 years based on credits hour.

Semester system:

There are one type of semester system:
  • Six months duration semester. There are two semesters in each academic year.

Six months duration semester:

  • January to June
  • July to December

Application Process:

First of all, a student has to go through the courses that DIU offers according to the tuition fees of the respective course, then choose one among them for study.
Link: Tuition Fees for International Students.

S/he has to submit all academic papers including certificate and transcript and international passport along with recent passport size photo.

If a student is eligible for admission after evaluation by the concerned committee as per University Admission Rules, an Admission Eligibility Confirmation Letter will be sent  by which the applicant has to pay a minimum 200 Dollars through DIU Bank Account which will be adjusted with the tuition fees. After confirmation of the payment an Offer Letter for Admission will be issued stating his/her name and Passport Number. (If required by the embassy, other information may also be provided.)

Application for visa: 

After getting the Offer Letter for Admission, the applicant has to apply for the student visa to the nearest Embassy of Bangladesh with the Offer Letter for Admission and the Prescribed Form for visa application.


All payments will be made in cash (in BDT* or USD**).

* BDT – Bangladeshi Taka
** USD- US Dollar

Also students can pay through DIU bank account from any corner of the world. Student may deposit all these fees through the following bank account in favor of:

Daffodil International University”
BANK ASIA LIMITED, Shukrabad Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Account No: 62836000001

“Daffodil International University”
DUTCH-BANGLA BANK LTD. Dhanmondi Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Account No: 110.120.3244

The total tuition fees may vary depending on the number of credits taken in each semester and number of semesters. Student’s enrollment will be confirmed-upon receiving the main copies of his/ her all academic documents and payment of admission and other fees. Admission and tuition fee is not refundable up to the first installment. 

Admission/ Enrollment: 

After getting the student visa, the applicants can take admission online from their native countries. Or the applicants on arrival in Bangladesh, should immediately report to the University Admission section and complete all the required official formalities of enrollment physically. 

Online admission: 

Students can apply online by uploading all academic papers, PP photo and passport. Admission office will contact you for the next step of admission. <br/Online application link: Online Application.

Physical admission: 

Students also can take physical admission after arrival in Bangladesh. But before arrival in Bangladesh, the applicants must have to collect the student visa. During admission students will collect admission form by paying $20 which will be charged in addition to the admission fees while enrolling. Application Form.

Required Papers: 

Students will have to submit/ send his/her previous certificates, transcripts, a copy of a valid passport (the page containing the applicant’s details) and equivalence certificates (that certify his/ her degree is accepted globally) by post, through e-mail or through online application. 

Solvency Certificate: 

International Students are required to submit a bank solvency certificate to demonstrate his/ her capability to complete the degree from Daffodil International University, Bangladesh.

Health Fitness: 

A student must submit a recent health fitness report to show his/her physical fitness. 

English proficiency: 

A student must have to submit his/ her English proficiency certificate. Otherwise, have to take admission in English proficiency certificate certified or prescribed by DIU.

Starting and Closing Date of Admission: 

The semester starting and ending dates are available on the DIU website. International students are requested to contact the DIU admission office at least 2 months prior to the starting date of a semester.

Hall Facilities: 

For the students of Bachelor programs, the Hall/Hostel/Accommodation cost is fully free during the graduation.
For the students of Master programs, the Hall/Hostel/Accommodation cost 30 Dollars per month.

Special Notes:

The University will not be responsible for arranging visas for any foreign students, but will provide information to the embassy (if required).
Please be informed that the inclusion of any false information or submission of fake academic documents would constitute grounds for dismissal from the University.

International admission contact: 

Daffodil International University
Daffodil Smart City, Birulia, Savar, Dhaka – 1216, Bangladesh
WhatsApp: +8801713493051, +8801847027527