Green Campus


DIU Green Campus is a movement, the first of its kind in Bangladesh, which was launched in 2002 by Daffodil International University (DIU). The initiatives of this movement are helping to shape our university as a model environmental community where academic programs and environmentally responsible behavior by all stakeholders go hand in hand. This movement aims to promote eco-friendly ‘green projects’ in order to ensure a greener, cleaner, safer and healthier campus for us to work and live in.

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The aim of the Strategic Plan of DIU is to further enhance its reputation as a ‘green university’. DIU Green Campus initiatives are volunteer led, research informed and practice focused. We encourage our students, staff and faculty to work towards a pollution-free, carbon-neutral, eco-sustainable, and ‘go-green’ pioneer university campus.


  • DIU Green Campus aspires to take the lead in revisiting the reasons for contemporary environmental crises, to rethink how we can improve our environmental culture through newly developed paradigms to tackle burning environmental issues locally, nationally and globally.
  • This Green Campus movement also aims to involve students and faculty in teaming up to transform their innovative ideas into scientific research, so that they can contribute not only to knowledge and education but also to positive and productive changes in our lives in general.
  • Caring for the environment, creativity in living with our environment, customizing our lifestyles to support the environment for continuity, conservation and sustainability are some of the tenets of the DIU Green Campus movement.
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DIU Green Campus Projects:

  1. Forestation of local roads
  2. Eco-friendly design and development of buildings and infrastructure preserving its flora and fauna
  3. Tree plantation (traffic islands, planned forestry & gardening, etc.)
  4. Biogas plant
  5. Beautification
  6. Vegetation
  7. Use of solar energy/solar car
  8. Use of bicycles
  9. Water conservation
  10. Carbon management plan
  11. Greenhouse gas reduction, etc.
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  • DIU received the ‘Beautification Award’ in 2006 from the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
  • DIU, through its green projects, generates commendable social and ecological impacts.
  • DIU encourages all its stake holders to do the same and this creates a chain reaction.
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DIU Green Campus Ethics:

  • Reduce, reuse & recycle your waste!
  • Bin your garbage!
  • Turn off lights, computers, ACs and other equipment when leaving rooms.
  • Report leaking taps or running toilets.
  • Use sustainable transport where possible.
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Our Action Plans:

We are not only responsive to society’s needs, but we also lead by generating new knowledge and technologies in energy use, transportation, waste management and biodiversity. Through engagement with our students and staff we identify issues that need attention, use existing technologies to solve problems and generate new technologies through research which are then adopted in our operations.

Future Plan:

We continue to develop our community of stakeholders to improve on their present achievements in ‘go-green’ initiatives. DIU Green Campus campaign is a continuous process to address the needs of society and the environment to build a better and more sustainable world. Any interested individual or community is welcome to join us in our commitment to social responsibility.