Daffodil International University Strategy



To be a global leader in providing tertiary level education that produces graduates with high self-esteem who are able to accept and overcome challenges in a fast-changing environment.


To positively influence and enhance the lives of people by promoting research that is aligned with national development agenda, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), innovation and entrepreneurship.



We value ethics and are committed to being ethical in our practices and services. No way it will ever compromise with ethical values and always nourish ethical values among its staffs, teachers, and students.


We strive to ensure excellence in what we do and the way we serve people. DIU believes in continuously looking for and making use of opportunities to improve further.


We believe in leadership as we through our prompt and agile work process set up examples for others to follow.


We empower individuals to think innovatively, remain curious, and value new ideas.


We value opinions and ideas from different people of different groups no matter what their race, nationality, age, religion, and position is.


We influence people to be lifelong learners so that they remain committed to update and upgrade themselves.

Figure 1: Strategic Framework of Daffodil International University

DIU follows a strategic framework which is simple yet powerful where DIU’s vision, mission and values remain on top which then backed up by several pillars of strategic goals/priorities. Strategic priorities are backed up by strategic enabler steps and policies. The framework provides a strong base so that strategic priorities can be fulfilled which then makes it possible to support the vision, mission, and values of the university.

Our Strategic Priorities

Ensure Quality and Effective Education System:

To ensure quality and effective education system we will adopt the following strategic goals:

  1. Ensuring that students remain engaged with their studies beyond the classroom
  2. Producing competent and equipped students duly prepared for their respective fields of work
  3. Producing confident graduates having the right skills and abilities to make life better for themselves and their society.
  4. Adopting modern teaching practices and technology

Ensuring the Employability of the Graduates

To ensure the employability of the graduates DIU will adopt the following strategic goals:

  1. Provide adequate training to DIU Students side by side their academic education and equip them for the 4th Industrial Revolution.
  2. Build a strong relationship with both national and international industries.
  3. Equip students with the right skills, abilities and necessary tools as per the demand of the industries.
  4. Influence the students to be entrepreneurs by solving problems around them
  5. Engage DIU Clubs with the help of club moderators


Strengthening the Culture of Research

DIU will work to increase the research capacity by adopting the following strategic goals:

  1. Initiate partnerships both local and international to find time demanding high-value research opportunity and funds.
  2. Initiate teacher-student collaboration for different research
  3. Initiate high impact research to contribute to society
  4. Emphasize research culture throughout the university
  5. Ensure circulation and promotion of research outcomes/findings and impacts
  6. Enhance and modernize DIU Libraries

Enhancing International Recognition and Mobility

DIU will engage itself to enhance its international recognition and mobility. To make this happen DIU will focus on the following strategic goals:

  1. Initiate partnership programs and collaboration with different international body and organizations
  2. Work to achieve different international accreditations
  3. Focus on increasing the number of international students from more countries
  4. Engage local students in different prestigious international events, programs, and scholarship programs.


Ensuring Institutional Sustainability

To ensure institutional sustainability, DIU will be adopting the following strategic goals:

  1. Building the necessary infrastructure for increasing capacity
  2. Develop core teams for individual departments and sections
  3. Building a strong base and support system  utilizing the concerns of Daffodil Family
  4. Strengthening policies, procedures, and systems to support the smooth operation
  5. Develop a succession plan for each department and sections empowering youth
  6. Develop an institutional repository for different important resources and documents both academic and official.
  7. Build an effective culture to retain and engage top talents
  8. Create a positive exposure everywhere
  9. Strengthen digital infrastructure and practices
  10. Build a culture of engagement and performance.

Celebrating Diversity and Uniqueness

DIU believes in diversity. DIU will thus adopt the following strategic goals to ensure diversity in the organization:

  1. DIU will not be biased in terms of any race, religion, location, age group, nationality, and gender.
  2. DIU will not be biased in terms of recruiting anyone based on their gender, race, location,  religion, and nationality.
  3. DIU will nurture a culture where people from every race, location, religion, nationality, and gender will feel comfortable in working and collaborating with each other.


Implementation Instruction

Daffodil International University (DIU) Strategy implementation is the responsibility of everyone employed under DIU. DIU will also have a strategy implementation and monitoring committee which will periodically monitor, follow up and push on strategic implementation progress with the help of necessary policies and guidelines.