DIU Research Team and Cardio Care General Hospital develops beta version of AI solution to detect and track COVID-19


As part of its social responsibility, a team of researchers from Department of Public Health, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Unit of Daffodil International University (DIU) along with Cardio-Care General and Specialized Hospital has developed a new diagnostic modality to detect COVID–19 where the researchers are using AI software to detect Covid-19 by analyzing the chest X-ray or images from lung CT scans. By using this AI technology, the health workers/Doctors can instantly diagnose if the suspected person has COVID–19 or not. Currently, this AI technology can differentiate between COVID 19 and other respiratory diseases including Pneumonia. Doctors can then follow up with other examinations and lab tests to confirm a diagnosis of the disease. In this research, researchers found that the sensitivity of this AI modality for COVID-19 infection is 96%. This is a question-answer based tool which gives a prediction about COVID_19 through this software.

Any MBBS doctor with his/her BMDC Registration number can use the software free of cost to detect COVID-19 through x-ray image of patient’s chest. This tool can be used trough this website www.helpus.ai. Beside this, the software can play a vital role in forecasting COVID_19 symptoms at an early stage. It may mention that Daffodil International University also developed another software by using artificial intelligence, which can detect COVID-19 through x-ray image of patient’s chest.