Warm Clothes Distribution by Daffodil University


The cold-stricken poor people of the north Bengal region of the country have been suffering a lot due to excessive cold wave during the winter season. Many of them do not have any warm clothes to safeguard them against unbearable cold. They seek cooperation and assistance from the rest of the people of the country to overcome the situation and survive.

Bearing this in mind and as part of the academic social responsibility, the Air Rover Scout Group of Daffodil International University distributed blankets among the those cold-stricken people at Somaspur, Hat Gangopara, Baghmara, Rajshahi district of Bangladesh on 21 January 2021.

The team DIU distributed warm clothes and cotton masks to the distressed people to safeguard against the cold and COVID-19 pandemic as well.

DIU is always committed to serve the community beyond its capacity and capability as it feels this social responsibility from the core of the heart.